How to Ride a Wild Bull (Live)

by The Double Phelix Orchestra

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Live at Hoxeyville 2012


You were born in the middle of the night
And you were dreaming that you had died
But then you woke up
First thing you did...
Starting chasing WILD BULLS

It took so long 'cause you couldn't see a thing
The rivers had no names and the grass was tall
'I don't know where I am...'
'I don't know where I am...'
Thank god you saw some FOOTPRINTS
Then you learned to walk

You hear a voice and you sense its source
Beyond that gate there ain't no horse
Your senses merge like the beast with the dirt
The sun is warm; ain't nothin' can hide
'Well I think I see a bull...'
'You know, I think I see a bull...'
'And I'm gonna try to ride a WILD BULL'

But that beast was strong and the struggle was long
You know you gotta tie that rope; you gotta crack that whip
Hold on to that nose ring tight
Hold on to that nose ring tight
If you're gonna try to ride a WILD BULL

So far from home, you mount that bull
No more to strive, but only to ride
'Well I love to sing and play my little flute...'
'And hum a little tune...'
'While I'm riding on a wild bull'

You got back home and you had a dream
You dreamed that you were born asleep in a stream
'This is not my wild bull...'
'This is not my beautiful little hut...'
'I don't know who I am...'
'But I was always here...'
'Tryin' to ride a WILD BULL'


released November 5, 2012
Ben Lau - drums
Adam Danis - drums
Andy Catlin - farfisa
Drew Tyner - synthesizer
Tod Kloosterman - bass
Graham Parsons - lap steel, voice
Fiona Dickinson - cello
Ross Huff - trumpet
Ayako Nakamura - trumpet
Bob Lewis - french horn
Mark Thompson - guitar
Bennett Young - guitar, voice
Katie Lee - violin, voice




Birdfingers Kalamazoo, Michigan

Birdfingers is a collaboration between songwriter Bennett Young and members of Kalamazoo's Double Phelix collective.

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